Our Unique Value PropositionTammy Todaro - The Todaro Team

I. Consistent and responsive communication with US – not with hired assistants There are many agents and/or real estate teams that have chosen to build an infrastructure for their business that operates under a model of task designation… examples of this include: Transaction Coordinators/Assistants, Showing Assistants and “Junior” agents. These individuals are often unlicensed in the case of coordinators & assistants or are just starting out in the business in the case of “Junior” agents. Under this model, the client inevitably ends up communicating with the “Lead” agent on the front end, but is working with these other individuals through the critical phases of the transaction.

II. Command of market knowledge synergized with intuition honed over time Every real estate agent has access to the data in MLS. But, that data is only leveraged to its fullest potential when it is complemented by sound intuition … Intuition is a fine surgical instrument sharpened only after years of experience viewing thousands of homes, working with countless Buyers and Sellers, and successfully closing hundreds of transactions.

III. Fully integrated marketing platform that blends highly sophisticated, “leading edge” tactics with tried-and-true, proven “traditional” techniques We have our own exclusive, full-time Marketing Agent, Barbara Todaro, who happens to have 40 years of real estate experience herself. Barbara has spent the last 13 years of her career becoming an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) and in creating content-rich blogging posts that generate a broadreaching audience. This is an invaluable skillset in a global economy where the chances are much higher today that the next Buyer of a property we list will come from a zip code we don’t recognize. Our full description of marketing techniques is illustrated later in this collateral. IV. Elite negotiation skills Negotiating is a craft refined over many years. Great negotiators have both the intellect and the intuition required to become highly effective in influencing others. It is a delicate mix of artistry and science… of style and substance; and great negotiators must be adept at detaching emotionally for the purpose of achieving the desired result.

V. Tireless advocacy We are keenly aware of the trust our clients have placed in us and of the tremendous responsibility that follows for us to communicate and act on our client’s behalf and in their absolute best interest. We take this very seriously. To do a great job, we first strive to empathize with our client’s anxiety and be a caring guide. We are not afraid to tell you the truth. Our focus is on protecting you from risk and potential pitfalls, advising you through the tough decisions, and fighting for you – and ONLY YOU – with relentless tenacity. True advocacy can be equated with selfless service … and, we get a great sense of fulfillment in serving others. This is not a job for us – it is our passion.

Our experience, education and dedication define us as professionals. Our compassion, integrity, and authenticity define us as people